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Now Zum Coder has support to dbml modeling.

After log in the zum coder, in the main menu go to Tools->Transformations

Will show up a transformation form as the image below

Once in that screen choose a template Set, for instance PHP

Select the model "dbmlModel", that model deals with dbml files

Select a output type, it can be zip download or a mail massage with a zip file attached

Select your dbml file from your File System

A file system dialog will show up like this:

choose your dbml file
The content of the selected file will be placed on the textarea below like this:

click the button "NEXT",
The application will generate the code and depending on the output type choosen before a download prompt wil show up or a a dialog showing tha a message whit the zip file attached was sent to your mail

Open de zip file and all code will be in it


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