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Follow this link to see a word cloud of the contents of all ICSE 2012 (Int. Conf. on Software Engineering, the top software engineering conference for researchers) published papers.

Can you guess whether the word Models has a prominent role?

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Comment by Andreas Leue on June 6, 2012 at 7:24

There's next to no exciting term sticking out, that same map could have been from 2011, 2010, ..., 2000, ..., 1990, .., couldn't it? But maybe this is more due to the nature of the papers, who naturally have to refer and relate back to common ground. Surely a trend cloud of the terms would reveal more.

Additionally, it would be interesting to compare similar maps from the research community, the developer community and the businesss (customer) community, and to speculate about the various trend influences. Regarding the latter (community), I'm not sure whether the term hasn't fully arrived yet or whether it's already worn out (repeatedly...). Maybe we need something fresh, without the connotation "fixed", or maybe the pendulum just needs another cycle?



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