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Interview with Stefano Butti (CEO of WebRatio MDD tool for Web/SOA applications)

Stefano Butti is the CEO and co-founder of WebRatio , a revolutionary Model-Driven development environment for building Web/SOA business applications using BPMN and WebML .

WebML is a web modeling language or as they say a visual notation for specifying the content, composition, and
navigation features of hypertext applications, building on ER and UML
We can say that WebML is a DSML (domain-specific modeling language)
for the web domain (but note that it was created before all this new
DSML movement became popular) that started with simple features for
data-intensive web applications and that has been extended to cover
business processes, rich-internet applications and so on.

Since I believe we can all learn a lot from their success story and design/strategy decisions I decided to interview Stefano as part of the A coffee with series of interviews with MDD tools creators .

You can read the interview here. I hope you enjoy it!

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