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I've posted a few diagrams from a UML user model based on the conference app example a few people used at the conference:


I would be really interested to know what people think of this approach to UI code generation.

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Comment by Andreas Leue on June 6, 2011 at 12:15

Hi James,


I think this approach points very much into the right direction - it is very similar to what we're following in our product. Some links you might be interested in:


- discussion here in MDSN about what can be done with MDx:


- a process modelling notation which also uses objects to describe tasks (and i applicable for as well "micro tasks" within the UI as possibly long running "macro tasks" in workflows)


- a paper about modelling of ui requirements with processes (in german, but the images should be more or less readable):


I'm happy to discuss any of these aspects in more detail, if you like.





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