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Architecture-Driven Modernization Case-Studies

William Ulrich and Philip Newcomb have recently published "Information Systems Transformation, Architecture-Driven Modernizati...", a reference book on Software Modernization.

This book has been written by two of the most active members of the Architecture-Driven Modernization task force, the OMG initiative which aims at defining standard specifications for the modernization of existing software systems.

With Gabriel Barbier (Mia-Software), Yves Lennon (Sodifrance/SoftMaint) , Hugo Brunelière and Frédéric Jouault (INRIA/AtlanMod) we have written one of these case-studies.

In this chapter we describe the model-driven modernization process and tools used by Sodifrance to migrate Software Systems, a VB6 to JEE migration case-study for Amadeus Hospitality, and MoDisco the Eclipse/Modeling project dedicated to software modernization.

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