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In the world of SAP ABAP, we have millions of lines of codes used by gaint organizations across the globe. Sadly the customers cannot use the software as-is and have to write more than 1/3 rd of the code on their own to meet the requirements of their business processes. 

With one SAP face that sells the license we have an army of technical consultants to write these code.


The sad part is that within SAP or any partner organization the story is not different, we still have to invest time in converting the existing definitions to coding lines, still invest days in consuming cross application components in our own coding when such coding lines have been over decades now already written and re-written by other developers.


MDD is the best way to have these reusable coding lines actually reused there by increasing the efficiency of development within organization and for customers to build in real requirements with minimal gap in the actual coding.


ABAP is not a simple world for such application, but with little effort and support we intend to have the proof of concept showcased and make everyone aware of its strength.


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