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We conducted an interview with one of of customers for our marketing purposes but some positive statements came out of it about adopting Model Driven Development techniques and specifically UML. I have edited the interview to include just the questions that may be of interest to you...


Interview: Overcoming Migration Challenges

Companies across the globe are continuing to allow legacy technology negatively impact their business because they either don’t know what to do or feel it is too risky or costly to modernise their applications. The reality is that there will come a point when they cannot ignore it anymore and they have to do something about their legacy systems.
We asked one of our customers who we supported migrating from HOOD to UML...
What was the main reason for migration?
There were three main reasons:
  1. To have a single toolset for both Software Analysis and Software Design work
  2. To reduce the number of toolsets in use on the project (thus reducing maintenance renewal costs)
  3. To move to a company preferred toolset
  4. To increase integration with other company preferred toolsets (i.e. DOORS and Dimensions CM)
What benefits does migrating to UML give you for the future?
We now have both our software analysis and software implementation models in the same toolset; with both of these models integrated with our requirements database and our configuration management system.  All three toolsets are “current” toolsets widely used across the company and across industries.
Will code generation be a consideration going forward?
Code generation has to be ultimate aim; but for now we are happy that what is in Rhapsody can be shown (via the compare functionality) to be a reasonably accurate representation of the code.

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Comment by Mark Dalgarno on August 30, 2011 at 18:27

Thanks for editing Derek. As Rui says, best to keep blog content non-promotional.


We have a Tools discussions forum for tool-specific content.

Comment by Derek Russell on August 30, 2011 at 16:24

Rui, I have taken on board your comment and I will keep this in mind when selecting posts in the future to share with peers on this network. I wouldn't want to re-post anything which is not of interest and I promise I am quite selective! I'm sorry you felt this was just to promote our company - it was not my intention. As I mentioned in my note at the start of this post, this was created for our marketing to go be promoted through other channels, and yes indeed promote our company. But, I thought the first and last two questions might strike a cord with fellow members on MSDN which is why it was posted. Please allow me to edit the post and show just the non-product related questions...

Comment by Rui Curado on August 30, 2011 at 16:09
Others may disagree, but I fail to see where is the real content on this article, besides promotion to your company...



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