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Models: Execution or More

A few days ago, I left a comment on Vincent’s blog, with his essay What is the focus of analysis: problem or solution? I said:

I always had some doubt to so-called ‘Executable Model’, although it seems an inevitable result in the logic of MDA, but it also like a trap: if the models are fully executable or transformable,…


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Why I changed my blog

I have restarted my blog at THINK IN MODELS.


Because of certain reasons which I don't want to mention, some resources on internet will suddenly not be able to access from our home such as the BSP Wordpress in past a few months and lately, thereby we must “cross the wall” if we still need to visit them. This is why I created a blog at but had…


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Model-Driven: An Essential Requirement Come from Customers

In the beginning [1], I chose the word group "model-driven", which inspired by the concept of “parameter-driven” and “table-driven” in software development. Some the properties would be stored in a parameter-table that can be modified at almost any time, which will be accessed and interpreted at run-time or load-time, and thereby, be able to meet some the specific requirements of the end customers.

Relative to the enterprise and business which dynamically changing, "parameters"…


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A Roadmap of Research for Enterprise Applications

The subject is the software or information systems used in enterprise. It is comprehensive, need to support the management and the general business in enterprise, often referred generally as enterprise application or some times, I prefer the term of enterprise information system. In this essay, uses the Enterprise Applications and EntApps for short.



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All "cognition is cognition in models and by models"
by Herbert Stachowiak, 1973

The human spirit is unable to think other ways than in models.
by Christian Wissel, 1989

Thought is the activity or process of modeling, which the evolution of models in brain. Ideas, as the content for cognition, which are models. A person thereby is a Model-Driven System.

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