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I'm planning on setting up some online (text) chats in the next few months on different aspects of model driven software development.

So the question is, who would you like to hear from and what topics would you like to hear about?

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Well, since most of the world is still using "conventional" development, I would like to see a discussion regarding all aspects of MDSD adoption (I know that some of these topics were already discussed in past editions of the Code Generation event):

- Evolution of MDSD adoption levels: What is pushing it and/or what is holding it back?
- What early-adopters have to report back about their experiences in MDSD?
- How easy will be for the average developer to make the jump? What about a whole development team?
- Do the current MDSD tools really deliver? What is missing? Dreams about the perfect MDSD tool?
There are a wide range of subjects to discuss. Some of them, in my opinion, are:
How much is handled by models? How it behaves for different products offered?
How about traceability? How long tools are connected in a given project?
What about versioning?
What about maintenance?
We have some openArchitectureWare guys here now - maybe they are willing to talk about some aspects of these questions in relation to oAW...
Let's get Markus Voelter to talk about best practices!




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