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AlphaSimple: model-driven prototyping on the web

AlphaSimple is now available in open beta for anyone who wants to try. Take a look and let us know what you think. This initial release brings a simple yet effective web-based environment for domain-driven prototyping.

What is AlphaSimple?

AlphaSimple is an environment for rapid prototyping. You compose your domain model in a textual notation using an in-browser editor. The model is automatically validated every time you save. You can launch your prototype any time you want.

AlphaSimple is an online tool for collaborative creation. Once you are happy with your prototype, publish it and send the URI to clients, team members, anyone you would like to see it no matter where they are.

AlphaSimple is a place for sharing. Share your projects for others in the community to learn from you.

AlphaSimple is a place for learning. Browse the catalog of public projects, play with a prototype, and clone it to make it your own. If you still need help, the AlphaSimple community forum is there for you (and there is some documentation too).

Take AlphaSimple for a spin. If you are unsure about signing up, try it as a guest. Except for sharing/publishing projects, guest sessions are full-featured. Your feedback is most welcome.

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Congratulations Rafael. A very good concept for some specific scenarios.

But the first time I tried I got "Service unavailable" on the examples. Too many people trying it? :-) I'll check it again.
Hi Rui,

Was that after you saw this post, or did you try before that? Was it on the front page, or when trying to run a prototype?

We were having an issue with the back-end server spontaneously shutting down, but that seems to be solved now.


It was before this post. Choosing a prototype would give an "service unavailable" response.

Now it is working fine. I tried it already. Looks promising. Good luck!
Thanks for confirming, Rui!
Congratulations! Hope to find some time to test it. Until then, I´ve posted a link to the tool in the modeling languages portal
Just saw that, thanks a lot for helping spreading the word, Jordi.




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