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WebRatio is an innovative Model-Driven development environment for building business applications in a Web/SOA environment. The tool allows to capture requirements into models and to automatically generate the application code. The models are based on the BPMN standard and the WebML modeling language. The result is a perfectly standard Java Web application, with no proprietary runtime or components, that can be deployed on any Java application server. The development environment is open. Generation rules can be extended and customized at will.
WebRatio lets process analysts and application functional analysts work together with web designers and developers, thus optimizing collaboration within the work team.
With WebRatio your ideas become a solution in 3 easy steps:
1. Design the Model
2. Customize the Rules 3. Generate the Application

A running application can be generated at any moment in the development lifecycle. You can obtain a fully functional prototype at no cost, to verify the compliance to requirements immediately. This capability introduces a virtuous circle of analysis, modeling, generation and validation, which greatly facilitates the convergence towards the final solution.

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