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Comment by Andreas Leue on August 15, 2012 at 12:51

Interesting article, some fresh thoughts I can appreciate well.

2 1/2 remarks:


> Code generation is completely avoided, because it is complex and unnecessary.

I think the role of code generation is an intermediate enabler. It's easier to experiment with new concepts due it's power and universality. It definitely has a price. After a while, if concepts become more clear and mature, we can define them and their semantics more formal and create interpreters or compilers or whatsoever and improve usability. Depending on the usage scenario, I'm not sure whether concepts are mature enoigh already to get rid of code generation already. Your mileage may vary.

> no value in the idea that "everything is an X"

I do agree much. I'd like to add that, since the customers need for saving his investments is immense, we should put some energy in developing better, really working standards.

"standardize first, use later"

It was clever from Jordi to post the UML birthday message first. So I'm not allowed today to express my opinion. ;-)



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