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itemis is starting a contest on devloping textual DSLs with Xtext. Show your creative skills and create the best DSL.

What can I win?

itemis offers some juicy prizes for the participants. The winners of the contest will be determined by the Xtext committers. In descending order each team or individual submitter behind the best submissions can choose one of the following prizes if it’s not picked by another competitor already.

  • One G1 Android Phone (unlocked)
  • One Ticket to the Eclipse Summit Europe 2009
  • Two Books “Model-Driven Software Development” signed by Markus Voelter
  • Two Books “EMF: Eclipse Modeling Framework 2nd Edition” signed by Ed Merks

additionally itemis will give away
  • 25 Xtext T-Shirts for the best 25 submissions


The deadline for submissions is September 13th.

See contest details at

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