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Try a Concrete based, EMF compatible Metamodel Editor at Code Generation Conference

During my talk at Code Generation Conference next Thursday, I will not only introduce the Concrete Model Editor, but also show an example metamodel editor based on Concrete. It is compatible with the original EMF/ECore metamodels but runs in the webbrowser and brings a new look and feel:

Also see the conference program:

If you want to check it out live, come to the talk with your laptop and Ruby and Chrome or Firefox installed.

Get Ruby 1.8.6 or Ruby 1.8.7:
This should also install the Ruby "gem" tool, version 1.3.7 (check "gem -v").
Since the internet is a bit slow at the conference site from time to time, you might want to install the metamodel editor up front. The following line should be all you need to do:

> gem install mmedit

You will also need a newer version of Chrome or Firefox (e.g. Chrome 4.1.249 or Firefix 3.6.3 will do).

More news about Concrete also on Twitter:

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