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Attended Tools Conferences last week, here my brief take-away (from an Analyst's point of view):


ICMT 2011:
Such a more technically influenced subject like M2M Tranformations can contain lots of inspiring single issues, even for an analyst doing more sort of World 2 Model Transformations. Issues like generalisation of generalisation, query/ modeling by example, ...


TOOLS 2011:
1. Is Subjectivity an approach to clarifying "Appliance" of Models?

2. What's the lesson from the "Cumbia" approach to handling dependencies between different views on models?


SC 2011:
Learned that Composition contains many interesting aspects in Abstraction, like how beneficial is Nonmonotonic Logic to decomposition of systems?  Is composition related to "Emergence"? like in:


=> lots of (to me) intriguing questions that deserve closer observation.



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