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The code generation family celebrates at CG 2009

At the CodeGeneration 2009 conference it feels like having a family come-together. So many people I met again, and also many new interesting to get known to.

Compared to last year the conference is a bit smaller (about 90 attendees), this will be an impact of the crisis. I am glad that Mark got it managed to perform the conference dispite of the tough circumstances. I heard of some other conferences that needed to be cancelled. Andy and Mark did really a great job on the organization - again! Not affected by the crisis at all are the quality of talks here and the smart people that attend this conference.

I am here with my colleagues from itemis: Sven Efftinge, Jan Köhnlein, Heiko Behrens, Moritz Eysholdt, Sebastian Zarnekow and Markus Völter. Mark mentioned in his introduction when naming the sponsors that "almost all people from itemis" are here. Not quite true, but it feels like. The scary thing is that we have more itemis guys than women here at the conference. Isn't code generation attractive for women? It is also about models, but most models around here are not that attractive.

Further three colleagues from my current customer Deutsche Börse are here: Axel Bradschedl, Christian Hellmann and Nikolai Busse.

They even attended the case study "Mastering differentiated MDSD requirements at Deutsche Börse", which Heiko and I did yesterday afternoon. They traveled so far to visit a conference hearing about the project that they are every day on. I guess we could have told them in Frankfurt what their project is about ;-) We got already some positive feedback for our session, and Heiko and I feel really glad about that. Thanks to all who attended!

The location for the conference is rather good. Rooms are in the same building as the conference. Murray Edwards college is more modern than Homerton college, where CG2008 was, which was a bit more charming.

Talks are organized in 75min slots, mostly with 30min pauses. In the lunch break there we get some finger food at the buffet.

At the conference it feels that worlds move together. Where else do you have Microsoft and Eclipse, UML and textual DSL, tool vendors and open source evangelists so close together? Where else can you go into a pub at 11pm, meet nice people you did not know before and talk about the sense of code generation and have a consense without being drunk? Where else can you find a MacBook on the Microsoft booth?

Yesterday evening we went for a trip in Punting boats on the river Cam.

Fortunately we had just water below us, the weather was perfect for the trip. We saw and learned some historical facts about the famous colleges here in Cambridge that are direct at the river. The trip was really relaxing and so did all of us. Kudos to the organizers to make this possible.

After the trip I went with my colleagues from itemis and Steen Brahe to get some local food and beer in a bar. The centre is full of lovely old restaurants. At 22:30 pm we left, and just saw a great firework of college ball.

This evening I will do a lightning talk about fit4oaw and after that will do a BoF together with Kathleen Dollard and Moritz Eysholdt.

And best is - the party is not over yet! Later this evening there is the conference dinner, which will be great. I like to talk to anyone here, its just not enough time.

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