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Final release of lbDMF (MDSD via UML / BoUML and XSLT) is out - with printing capabilities!

I have finally released my software and set it to production/stable. So when one has to do with prototyping and database applications, please review. Now printing has been added as an important business task.

To use the UML modelling feature, please download BoUML at and don't forget to donate :-)

The UML tool is used for the model driven aspect as an input but also I can reverse engineer, thus output to UML and then start MDA /MDSD for existing database schemas to get simple CRUD applications.

I'll add an article about setting up printing on my project web page:

Thanks very much


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Comment by Lothar Behrens on December 21, 2009 at 23:24

on 20th dec I have released a new version with bug fixes but also opened up the module that is responsible for code generation. The reason is because there are so many other open source tools, thus I propably would have no way to earn money with that module.

So feel free to test the new version and report. I have added some samples.





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