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Communication(=Speed of start up?) vs Computation(=Quality and Automation?)

Hello, everyone.

This is my first time post.


When I make the Requirement Specification , then I often use Use Case diagram, Use Case Description(I often use Sequence Diagram)  ,State Machine Diagram, and more.


But, many people make the Requirement Specification by Natural Language.

And, they share that in Wiki.


# Of course, the tool used by the development domain is different.


They want to change that, they can change that in web from anywhere.

And they can attach screen images.

They can share the application image.


But, there are a lot of probrems of writing specification by natural language.

For example, vagueness...


I think that the Model (ex.UML) as the communications tool and the model by whom the computer is processed might be fundamentally different.


The model as communication tool might be expected that everybody can edit anytime, anywhere and everybody can attach the screen image like wiki.


Are not I and people want the mechanism of it converting it from the model as the communications tool to a formal model(processed by computer)? 



I don't know English very well.(this is excuse)

Please question me if you do not understand.



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Comment by Andreas Leue on June 12, 2011 at 15:51

Yes, sure you can draw your own diagrams, that's the purpose of the repository.

Just create an account and do so. You've probably noticed already that artefacts are organised into namespaces in the wiki. In your own namespace (a reverse domain name like in java, e.g. I have "net.leue.andreas" since I do own the domain, it is completely up to you what you put there. In other namespaces, like "org.oomodels" we need of course to organise the cooperation, same as with wikipedia.

Comment by Kei Nakahara on June 12, 2011 at 8:04

Thank you very much, Andreas.

It is so nice.


Can I draw other UML Diagram?


I want to take communications with my member more light than now.

I have to tell them about software static structure specification and behavior specification.  


thank you.

Comment by Andreas Leue on June 7, 2011 at 9:13

Hi Kei,


you can combine both approaches:


This is an an open wiki, where you can mix free text and images with formal class specifications on the same page.


 For a sample class see:


If your page contains a formal class, follow the download link to download the code:


Conversions to different formats are described in the wiki, too. If your preferred target format is missing, contribute it:


The syntax for formal class specifications is also "wiki-stylish" and easy to edit, even over mobile phone:

(you can disable single features or whole classes to allow draft versions to be discussed)


To download a whole project, describe the contained classes as a bundle:


and visualize classes in diagrams


with an ultra-simple diagram syntax:





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