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This third day at Code Generation is a short one for me - due to my flight schedule I will have to skip the closing panel.
However, it's been another useful day. The first session this morning was part 2 of Markus Völter and Steven Kelly's key note. A number of interesting observations regarding model decomposition, integration and partitioning where the main part, again interleaved with worst practise examples.

After the keynote, I joined the Xtext workshop, to get my first hands on experience with textual DSLs. It's promising, and it's clear that there are (partly) disjoint domains that may benefit from graphical or textual DSLs. At the same time, textual DSLs require some getting used to for graphical modelers like me. Thanks to the good people from itemis I have take my first steps, and will be using the two types of DSLs in parallel, and if necessary in combination in the future.

I can only close by recommending everyone with an interest in model driven development and code generation (you can do that without creating metamodels as well!!) to join next year's edition.

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