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Model Driven Development proponents see a lot of advantages of using MDD techniques. Higher development speed, increased quality, more cost-effective, empowering less-experienced developers, just to name a few. If you look at these promises the question arises why the whole world isn't using MDD right now? Why don't we hear a lot of MDD success stories?

In a recent article I wrote about some of the main concerns which prevent people to use MDD, as mentioned in this StackExchange thread "Why aren't we all doing Model Driven Development yet?". This article triggered quite some discussion and you should definitely read the comments! I wrote this article as a warming-up for the fishbowl discussion session I hosted at Code Generation 2011 two weeks ago. In this session, titled "Making Model-Driven Software Development live up to its promise", we discussed the future of MDD in four sections, to cover subjects like popularity / marketing, creating alignment between programming and MDD, focusing on domain experts, and education. It was a great session with lively discussions and I want to share some "sound bites" with you in this post.


Read the full post here.

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