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Advertising in the Modeling Languages portal

Since this is full of tool vendors (very successful in making more with MDE :-) ) I thought I could share with you that it is now possible to announce your tool/company/service in the modeling languages portal.

Show what you have to offer to a very targeted audience. There’s no confusion here, a visitor of this portal is, at the very least, interested in seeing whether software modeling and model driven engineering could work for him/her so every visitor (and right now we have around 500 visits per day!) is a potential customer for your tool.  Don’t miss the chance of reaching lots of developers and project managers interested in the latest modeling tools, code-generators, reverse engineering tools,…

We are offering ad space in both columns and also at the end of the blog posts.  We also offer ad space in very specific and popular pages (e.g. if you are a UML tool vendor you may want to be in the UML tools page with more than 20.000 visits so far). Pages are also in Spanish so having an ad targeting a Spanish-speaking profile is also possible.

Size of the ads, advertising period, a guest blog post describing your tool/service/company,… everything can be discussed.  Just  contact us!

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