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Justine Thomas's Blog – April 2017 Archive (2)

Introductions and conclusions

Introductions and conclusions note the importance of concision, as those framing parts of the paper are often the most egregiously bloated. The general rule introduced there holds for any writing: every word and sentence should be doing some significant work for the paper as a whole. Sometimes that work is more to provide pleasure than meaning — you needn’t ruthlessly eliminate every rhetorical flourish — but everything in the final version should add something unique to the paper. You can…


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Professional Development Science Project

In order to evaluate the degree of attainment of project goals a mixed methodology (see Tashakkori & Teddlie, 1998) was employed. We were not only interested in students’ and teachers’ attitudes toward the use of technology and inquiry- based pedagogical practices in the classroom, but also concerned about the effects of this professional development project on student achievement. The evaluation, thus, attempted to trace the thread that runs from teacher professional development to…


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