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Overseas Technology for Education

This work attempts to analyze and evaluate the role of Technology Education in Overseas Studies Programs. Aside from the economic and geopolitical implications, international education, particularly a study abroad experience, is regarded as providing both academic and character benefits.

Our goal is to open the discussion about how can Overseas Studies Programs Improve Technology Education and, vice versa, how can Technology Education enrich Overseas Studies Programs. To get…


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Introductions and conclusions

Introductions and conclusions note the importance of concision, as those framing parts of the paper are often the most egregiously bloated. The general rule introduced there holds for any writing: every word and sentence should be doing some significant work for the paper as a whole. Sometimes that work is more to provide pleasure than meaning — you needn’t ruthlessly eliminate every rhetorical flourish — but everything in the final version should add something unique to the paper. You can…


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Professional Development Science Project

In order to evaluate the degree of attainment of project goals a mixed methodology (see Tashakkori & Teddlie, 1998) was employed. We were not only interested in students’ and teachers’ attitudes toward the use of technology and inquiry- based pedagogical practices in the classroom, but also concerned about the effects of this professional development project on student achievement. The evaluation, thus, attempted to trace the thread that runs from teacher professional development to…


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Ho to organize your working day corectly?

We all want to earn well, love our work, but at the same time have a flexible schedule and a lot of free time. For this, it is worth sticking to several recommendations and planning your day correctly.

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "organization"

1. Less work but more result

Most people usually do not work with the maximum performance but in a rather relaxed manner. But if you really care about the results, and not just trying to be "busy", you need to be 100% involved in the work and…


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How to Get Free Press

Free press is one of the best ways to spread the word about your website, your product, and your brand.

However, most people don’t know where to start. Fortunately, it’s really not as hard as you might think.

There are thousands of articles being published every single day on blogs, newspapers, and magazines. Bloggers, writers, and journalists have pages to fill and all of them are actively looking for interesting topics…


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7 reasons why quarrels in the relationship are alright

Conflicts and their constructive resolution is the only way to achieve harmony in the pair. Find out what you can get if you stop quarreling.

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1. You will begin to trust each other more

Conflicts that can not be resolved quickly, suggest such horror to many couples that they prefer to avoid them by any means. People consider such quarrels fatal for a relationship. And completely…


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Model-driven development training course, 25th-26th July, London

A professional short course in model-driven development and software engineering, including:

* UML, Agile and Model-based development (MBD)

* Domain-specific languages and reuse

* Model transformations and code generation

* Software modernisation and re-engineering

* Big Data analysis techniques

* Agent-based techniques

* Case studies of successful use of Agile and MBD in finance

The course includes practical instruction and guidance on the effective…


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My kickstarter campaign about modeldriven HTML5 mobile apps


I like to officially announce my Kickstarter campaign here. It is about developing HTML5 mobile apps using modeldriven methologies.

The campaign can be found here. And an article explaining a bit more the amount to raise will be found here.

I have two goals with it. First it may be a successful campaign and I'll get the money to invest in contracted…


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Visual Programming Is Unbelievable… Here’s Why We Don’t Believe In It

Visual programming has been an unfulfilled prophecy for years. As so many other areas, like virtual reality, artificial intelligence, or speech recognition, when the hype was high, the underlying technology wasn’t there yet.

But that was not its only problem…

Continue reading Visual Programming Is Unbelievable… Here’s Why We Don’t Believe In It

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I failed to convince my students about the benefits of code-generation

Some days ago I wrote this post reporting on the feedback I got from my students after asking them to use a code-generator to build a simple CRUD-like application.

The post was highly controversial and got quite a few interesting discussions. 

Therefore I thought it would be also interesting for this community

Added by Jordi Cabot on February 16, 2015 at 11:35 — 4 Comments

Why reinvent Code Generation?

If anybody is interested in discussing and criticising a post on the Virtual Developer blog ("Why reinvent Code Generation?"), please feel free to do so here on the model driven software network. I am curious to read your opinions and…


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Bring your Code Generator to the Masses

Do you already have your own code generator that can run on a Java Virtual Machine? Or do you want to develop a new code generator using Java as programing language? Now there is an easy way to make such a generator easily accessible from the outside world, without having to install it on every developer's computer. The Virtual Developer Platform lets you deploy your code generator in the cloud. It doesn't matter, for which…


Added by Marcus Munzert on April 25, 2014 at 12:55 — 3 Comments

Craftsman or Engineer?

A lot has been written on the differences between Craftsman and Engineer.  Recently I came across a simple example by Hofstadter & Sander, that nicely shows the basic difference in thinking. We start with a little exercise:

“Draw a square, a rectangle, a rhombus, and a parallelogram.”

Some people draw a solution as in (a), some draw solution…


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Complex BPMN models of business requirements become difficult to understand for the business stakeholders lacking tachnical background. So a transformation becomes necessary from BPMN models to any natural language.

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jMDA 1.1.0 has just arrived

For those who are interested in lightweight mda approaches you might like jMDA. It is extremely easy to use and understand and very flexible and powerful at the same time. There is also a blog for jMDA.



Added by Roger Wegner on September 20, 2013 at 17:00 — No Comments

any<code/> : Astah UML Code generation Plugin

Astah UML is a UML modeler. I released an open source plugin, astah-anycode-plugin that enables to generate source code from class diagrams with custom templates so that you can export model in any language.

Don't hesitate to try it and tell me your feedback

Binaries :

Added by José C. on June 16, 2013 at 18:30 — 1 Comment

Stachowiak on Preterition and Abundance in Modelling

In his 1973 book “Allgemeine Modelltheorie” (General Model Theory) Herbert Stachowiak describes the fundamental properties that make a Model.  Unfortunately this is still not available in english language, so I thought why not try a (quite free-style) translation of the essential bits (see here for all):

It is pretty inconvenient to post images here, so…


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UMLtoSQL, UMLtoSymfony/PHP and UMLtoDjango/Python are now open source

Just released a set of Java classes to generate SQL / Python-Django domain models / PHP-Symfony domain models from UML class diagrams. Open Source License. 

Added by Jordi Cabot on April 18, 2013 at 19:00 — No Comments

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