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What is the relationship between the model-driven initiatives: MDE,MDA and MDD?

To me, MDE is a superset of MDD and MDD a superset of MDA (see the picture here: ). Do you agree? Is that simple?

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Hi Jordi!
My two cents about it:

- MDD for my is the first term and the root of all of them.
- For sure, MDA is an OMG effort to standarize and use MDD using UML and MOF as the core model & metamodels.
- MDE, for me relates to common sense tasks to be done if you start doing things a la MDD way.

In this way, when I said I am doing MDD I want to think I am also doing MDE in a broad sense.

In my head, more or less, I have the following: MDD = MDE && MDD > MDA
I totally agree with Pedro




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