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Hi, I've been looking for an open source tool for mdd, I cant find one that fits me, what I like more was Mendix tool but its not open source.

Do you know something similar to Mendix in Open source?

Do you know the price of Mendix? I cant found it... (I know one of their creators is here ;) )


what I liked about mendix is:

its oriented to create real aplications, I've seen many dsl editors and many mdd tools that only can be used for technological speeches, excuse me but its my opinion

it has visual editors for models and even for forms


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For the best info on Mendix I would try to contact Johan den Haan through twitter JohanDenHaan


A nice overview of MDD tools was from this years Language Workbench (Some of these are open source)

If you are in a Microsoft space (it isn't open source but the basic version is free) you might want to look at Lightswitch(visual editors for models and forms (also runtime))

Also in the Microsoft space is Sculpture Toolkit from which a part is open source.


Hope this helps.

Thanks Kees, about the tools used in the Language Workbench I think they are more focused in theory, for example I didnt want to know about dsl, internal languages, etc, I want an app to make an app in the real world, for example, can anyone tell me how I can achieve this sample (*) with any of that tools ?


* Sample: create a working application from a database with administration, front stage and a custom page that calls a webservice and presents a grid with the data for example, I want to do this in 15 minutes and with visual editors...


Note: Of course I'm interested in the internals of this applications like creator of one code generator, but I'm more focused in the 

About the other tools, Lightswitch its a promising technology (I liked it so much), but it lacks many things but surely in a few years it will be a great tool. And about Sculpture I dont like so much, and there is no information, yesterday I downloaded it and it explodes...

Now that you talk about LightSwitch: yes indeed it lacks of many things. And: generated source code is not provided! Why does Microsoft want to hide this?


We believe that our tool Fenomen already goes much further than LightSwitch + we do provide the full generated source code...


Don't know about sculpture. Will have a look


I think that Lightswitch doesnt generate code, there are two kind of generators, those that generate code and the others (that I dont like) that doesnt generate, they do it for two reasons:

1. if you generate code and then change something, what do you do with changes? its more simple if you dont change the code, you change the objects and then rerender

2. they use a internal engine to render the views, in some ways its better and over all the things they have total control over your subscription, for example in paas systems.

In my understanding LightSwitch DOES internally generates code and builds it. however the generated code is kept internal and you don't have access to it, you just can see the resulting built assemblies.


This is why I was saying that I don't understand why Microsoft keeps this code secret. The intellectual property is in the generator not the generated code...


Hi Luis,

If what you are looking for is a tool that creates real applications, than please have a look at our patented Integranova MES (Model Execution System) Technology, an unique MDA system that allows you to develop full (3-tier) management applications (e.g. ERP, CRM, etc.) including ALL business logic and fully functional but adaptable User Interfaces.

MES Integranova generates 100% standard accessible source code (.NET and Java) and does not require any closed execution environment or proprietary run-time.

Please visit: and for more information and to download a free trial version.

Feel free to contact me anytime to provide you with more specific information.

Regards, Michiel





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