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I think, Model Theory (mathematical) may be the most important foundation for models.

However, it seems there are some basic puzzles, such as some inconsistencies in the use for term of model?


Are there anybody who is interesting in, or have any clues for, this issue?

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have only read the slides on the web - hope I understood it all correctly?


Initial impression to Hodges' two articals

Generally, it confirmed some of my ideas about the relation between, general modeling and models, and Model Theory. And I think, it's basically consistent with your thought that stated in the essay “Meanings of Model”

Yet, I'm a little disappointed slightly, that is, not found a rigorous and completed (my imagined) elaboration in math and logic. This may be because that, both the two articles (the slide/draft and the chapter in the hand book), are all outline or somewhat introductory.

But that is a complete coverage of the subject from a sophisticated math/logician mathematical model-theorists. (have you more recommendations?) Perhaps, can say that laid a foundation to bring the Model Theory to our modeling and models world?

Just IMHO :-)

This chapter is about the two-place relation ‘M is a model of the system S’. (The system is whatever the model models. Some people call it the ‘target’.)

I don't understand the sentence "The system is whatever the model models", would anyone help me? thank you!

Have a understanding like this, it means:

the system is definitely what the model models. (be modeled by the model)


perhaps it's his way to capture the notion of direction, descriptively?
i.e. that S is in some way 'generated' from M?

perhaps, but can't say either.


Well, I stumbled over the "The system is whatever the model models", shot but a complex sentence :-p

He went on to say

“Strictly what will concern us is not the two items shown, but what lies in the blank area between them. This blank area contains whatever it is that connects model to system.”

I think, the two 'whatever' is emphasized that the connects between model and system, ant there are different possibilities.




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