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Dear All

I'm an old programmer >> I've been programming using VB >>> I used to write code manually using normal modeling such as flowcharts and pseudo codes >>> So, using code generators is new to me

After Google search I found that the best code generator for me to work on is CodeSmith Code Generator  because it can be attached with VS.Net and generates VB Code

I need to make a phd research to create testing tool for this vb code generator and I'm lost a little bit. 

Tasks Achieved :

1- Downloading CodeSmith Code generator and trying to understand how it works from their official website CodeSmith

2- Trying to read some articles and papers about testing code generators such as :

Testing Code Generator By P.Sampath

Code Generator Testing in Practice Paper

I hope that somebody guides me in the following :

1- Did I choose the best code generator for my skills (VB.Net , VS.Net)?

2- Do you suggest any references that I can read about testing code generators ?

3- Do you suggest anything else to do to start my research ?

After All , I hope that you convince Dr. Andy Carpenter to accept supervising my research :) :)  >>> he is a member in this group >>> just kidding :) 

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