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Super early-bird offer for Code Generation 2011 - comments sought

I'm thinking of introducing a super cheap offer for next year's CG2011 event. This offer would only be available to Model-Driven Software Network members.

Either comment back here or send me a message if you think it's a good or a bad idea.

Thoughts so far:
  • We'd offer up to 20 cheap tickets during this period. Probably from around £375 + tax.
  • These tickets would be available from now through to mid-February at the latest. We'll announce the offer by sending a message to network members.
  • You wouldn't have to pay until February 28th 2011 and you could cancel your purchase at any time up to that date. We expect the event programme to be available by then so you would have full information upon which to base your decision.
  • If you haven't paid by February 28th we reserve the right to cancel your cheap ticket.
  • You'd have to pay by bank transfer - not credit card. (That saves us 3.5% commission - a lot of saving for us on a cheap ticket).
  • If you're accepted as a speaker you wouldn't have to pay so we would cancel the purchase.
Why are we considering this?
  • We know that some Network members work as individuals or for small businesses who otherwise might not be able to come to the event.
  • We want to maximize attendance at the event.
  • It feels like a good thing to do to help grow the community.

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Can see only upsides so an enthusiastic +1. Comparing to last year's full price (£635) is a great deal. Suspect those 20 tickets would be gone in a few days.

Not sure what is the typical wire transfer fee for that amount, hopefully it is less than the 3.5%.

Also, what is the (non-super) early bird admission fee?
The £635 last year was the late fee. IIRC full price was £585 and last year's early-bird was £485 - with lots of discounts available - including 10% off for attendees from previous years.

Haven't decided on final pricing for 2011 yet but I think around the same pricing as last year.
I think it's a good idea, Mark. May draw a few new attendees to the event.
There's been enough demand to justify this so I'll put something together in mid-January.




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