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If you're attending Code Generation 2010 in Cambridge this June, if you might like to submit a Birds of a Feather session, please comment below and/or email


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Hi Peter,

I would like the suggest a topic: "buy or build?" focusing on the questions such as who defines, controls and owns the modeling languages and code generators. With several options, such as do it yourself, buy form tool vendor, or hire external consultant, the BoF would identify and discuss the alternatives, their pros and cons, and perhaps even identify the factors favouring particular choices.

How this sounds?

Sounds great! I'll put it down on the list of BoFs!

Best Wishes,
If we look what is happening in practice it does not look that buying everything from a tool vendor (or from consulting company etc) is always the best choice. For example the cases at the coming Code Generation Conference show that several choices are made - showing that the “best” seems to depend on the circumstances.

We should also notice that combinations may exist, as for example with our cases (see where a company typically defines the languages and generators for their domain yet purchases tools and support. Some of the pros of this approach is that a company can focus on their particular need (just define language and generators) and get their modeling solution ready quickly. While leaving the rest for us (purchase part) we make sure with the tool (MetaEdit+) that the solution scales (bigger models, teams, languages), evolution does not “kill” models made with earlier language version, organizational introduction goes smoothly (training, consulting), as well as technical side like tool works natively in different platforms and OSs.

In the BoF we could then discuss pros and cons of each approach and most likely we even identify new approaches. I hope we can then contribute to this community by publishing the findings (or at least discussions) from the BoF in Model Driven Software Network.
I would like to suggest the topic: "Code generation or Runtime virtual machines?".

For 'Runtime virtual machines' you can also read 'interpreter' or 'engine'.
Another topic idea: "How to make MDSD more mainstream?".

MDSD isn't that popular, a lot of people don't even know about it. What can we do? What are we doing wrong?
Hi Johan, Both sound like great topics. I'll put you down for both. Look forward to seeing you in Cambridge!




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