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Are there some DSL tool which be capable to generate code for PDAs? (autonomous applications, not web client primarily)

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I know that MetaCase have done lots of work in this area, I defer to Juha-Pekka to tell us more...
MetaEdit+ is used to generate code to various mobile devices. Generated code includes C, C++, Java, Python, C# and target platforms both in-house and public (Windows Mobile, Symbian) frameworks. Please note that MetaEdit+ users have defined the modeling languages and code generators for these.

See some public example languages at If you want to read case studies in companies see Nokia’s experiences here: and EADS experiences here:

You can also play with some examples as Python and C++ demonstration for Symbian is available at and MIDP Java at:

I hope these help. There are also other examples on various other devices than phone in relation to sports and home automation.
Thanks for your info, Juha
I have read the Nokia case. Will follow the remaining examples.
In the meantime, I have a question: How difficult/easy is to map from other source (modeling tool) to Metacase?
...and thank you, Mark!
No problem, I gave JPT a prod but I'm sure he would have seen your question in any case.
We try to be as open as possible for the both directions. With generators you can export all the data in any (ASCII) format and for importing we offer several ways, such as XML, Webservices API or making parser with MetaEdit+ generator language MERL. 6 common ways are described and this part is just plain work. In my opinion the “intelligent” part where thinking happens is how to map to the required DSL (metamodel). If the source metamodel is already good one then this is naturally simpler.
Thanks Juha
Reading your information. Maybe in some days will ask you more specifically.




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