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Real-life applications on Bidirectional Transformation

I want to know more about real-life applications of bidirectional transformation, please anyone has ideas let him share ..

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Sure, I have lots of ideas about bidirectional transformation...

The first is reverse engineering. I've had to use this a number of times when I've been dropped on a project with absolutely not documentation. I had to write a simple/imperfect code parser, and create a model from that. While a bit convoluted, it was ABSOLUTELY a life-saver, since there were over 300 classes, and knowing which classes referenced each other was vital. It also helped me find "dead" classes, which were no longer used by the system. Once I had a good understanding of the structure, I was also able to use the model to create an interface layer, so that I could simplify integration of the system with new software that was being developed.

I am planning to do a research on Bidirectional Transformation, but still the idea is not clear for me which direction should I follow since there are many and many applications and gaps to be filled in this field at the same time I can't find sufficient papers or information in this field, so If possible for you, you may get some time to help me little to start my first step.

Thank you in advance..

Sure... We can e-mail, or discuss it here, since I'm sure there will be some other folks with ideas as well.




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