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There was a short side-note on the oomodels repository in my previous post about EM/OS before, but I'd like to spend a few more words on it.

oomodels is a an open, collaborative, easily accessible model repository with the focus on immediately usable models for arbitrary MDSD-tools and in arbitrary formats.

- open: everybody is invited to share and use models in the repository

- collaborative: the granularity is on class level, so people can work on the same model more or less simultaneously

- easily accessible: the repository is wiki-based, so (in addition to other means of uploading) models can be described in a very simple WIML-lanugage (Wiki Modelling Language)

- immediately usable: models can be automatically downlaoded in principle in arbitrary formats directly to your harddisk and being processed furher by your favorite MDSD tool; e.g. there is an eclipse plugin available to download stuff, but also free pure jave code

- arbitrary formats: the repository provides on-site conversion of formats; the converters themselves are described within the repository, too

I'd like to invite anybody here to participate in or benefit from this repository. This might involve modelling, discussing models, providing your users the possibility to download and process certain model bundles from it etc.

Specifically, e.g. I have seen on the availability of a xmi to xmi conversion service; that would fit perfectly to our approach. Or, it could be a possibilty for tools like to add a button "import bundle from oomodels", the technology is available and it'd be just a matter of writing two or three export templates.

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