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hi, i like very much the model driven editor of outsystems, ive said before that its my favorite editor, but i dont like the idea of having a "virtual server" and i dont have so much money to buy outsystems app, so im looking for something similar to add model driven behaviour to my app generator. Do you know some open source app similar to outsystems ?


1. when i say "virtual server " i mean that your code its executed trhough outsystems software and not directly in the web server....

2. when i say i cant pay the money that outsystems cost i know that there is a free version, but i cant rely on a software that put me limitations in the number of concurrent users, for example

please, i would like to hear also to outsystems managers that i know are here ....

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Hi micuentadecasa,
what do you mean by "model driven behaviour "? I don't know outsystems, can you explain a little?
He's referring to the Outsystems' Agile Platform:
thanks Rui, of course i refered to the Outsystems' Agile Platform:
ok.. thanks for the link, but I still don't get what exactly you are looking for :(
Hi Leue, i will try to explain it; i got a generator of mine, it does an entire app from a model (database model), but i want to go create now an ide that mimics outsystems , for example to create a page with a grid and a combo and when the combo is selected to change the sql of the grid, and all visually and after generate the code..
I think such a software to combine your application with depends on the specific approach of the generator and the models it understands. Behaviour could mean: object related business logic, user interface design & logic, business processes (workflow), maybe more.

These aspects can be described in different ways. E.g., business processes might be designed in BPMN, if so, there are OSS BPMN editors one might (re)use. User interfaces might be specified in a UI designer, a more or less traditional approach, in this case the designer will likely depend on the UI framework, depending on the kit it might be available as OSS, or it's abstract, then it is as far as I know unlikely to find a fitting out-of-the-box OSS solution. Our own approach constructs the UI more or less from the business model, in which case no UI designer is needed, instead some enhancements to the business model designer. Same applies to traditional object related business logic, there are several approaches and it might be the most difficult part to provide a reasonably abstract IDE which is sufficiently powerful enough (or maybe one can tolerate the 80/20 rule, i.e. 80% modeled is ok and 20% goes to manual coding).

Is your generator java or .net based?

(btw, it's Andreas, Leue is my surname)
Thank you for the comments.
Trying to answer your 2 specific questions:
1) OutSystems models do not run on a virtual server (or any other kind of model interpretation). The platform generates java or c# code. On top of that it connects to your IIS or JBoss environment, compiles the generated code and deploys them on the .net or java stack. You're able to 'detach' the code at any time if you eventually want to drop the platform (you'll loose all the capabilities provided by the platform but you'll still have the source code, and you're able to develop over that).
2) happy to inform you that there are no longer limitations on the number of concurrent users!! More details on the site (

I don't know of any open source app that works in any way similar to outsystems'. There may be some graphical components to help you build the model (we've built our own...) but I can give you a tip... The compiler (from model to executable .net/java) is the trickiest bit if you want to go into flow static analysis (we do that a lot to improve every bit of the application: bringing only from the database the fields that are actually used across the flow, placing in the viewstate only the data that might eventually be used in the next post back, etc...
Hope this helps




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