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In 10 days time, I'll be leaving home for LWC2012 and Code Generation 2012.

On March 27th, the day before Code Generation, we'll see the second edition of the Language Workbench Challenge. This year, 7 solutions will be presented to a domain problem we provided: a language, generator and platform for a domain called 'Piping and instrumentation'. Getting the provided simulator platform running was something that not all participants succeeded in, but since we cannot blame the language workbenches for that we decided to not make it a hard entry criterion - presenters will still be able to show how their tools are used to define a fitting language and generator for this domain.

Program and details are available on the LWC 2012 web site now. This year we try to make things a bit more interactive, by splitting the day into two parts. The first half of the day will be used to present the 7 solutions, in the afternoon presenters and audience will work together in teams to extend the presented solutions. What extensions will be asked for is a well kept secret - at this time even to my co-organiser Paul Zenden (who will be presenting his own solution as well).

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Nice work Angelo and Paul. I wish you a very successful event.

Thanks, Mark. May CG2012 also be succesful.




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