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Looking for contributors to textual UML modeling tool

I develop an open-source UML modeling tool called TextUML Toolkit. The Toolkit is quite different from the other modeling tools in the market though, as it uses a textual notation (TextUML) instead of the conventional graphical one.

I am looking for people that see the value of the approach and would like to contribute at some capacity. The project is in dire need of early adopters and developers.

The intended audience of the tool is MDD practitioners using UML with the primary purpose of code generation. That reflects in the features (existing and planned). For instance, there is support for class and activity modeling (structure + behavior), but there are no plans to support things such as use cases, interactions or collaborations.

The TextUML Toolkit runs on Eclipse and uses the UML2 API (and thus EMF) to generate UML models.

For more information, see and don't hesitate to contact me.



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Hi Rafael,

I have opened the tutorial and it was nice work. I am just wondering how you will implement text-based activity modeling? Can you tell me a bit about it? Thanks
Thanks for checking it out, Selo. Besides supporting structural features, since version 1.2 TextUML also exposes UML action semantics in the form of an action language.

There is little evidence of that on the web site, but you might find these blog posts interesting:

Please feel free any specific questions you might have.




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