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Yes people, it's finally here: AtomWeaver reached its 1.0 milestone. Not much of a release actually since it's an incremental update from 0.9.7. There's so much to be done, but because you can do actual work with it I've promoted it to 1.0.

First, I want to thank all forum members for the great discussions that we have made here which helped me align ABSE terminology with the community. And congratulations to Mark Dalgarno that had the idea of creating this network in the first place.

AtomWeaver is now a commercial application. Turning it commercial ensures the future of the IDE itself and its implemented approach, ABSE. I know open-source advocates would think otherwise, but let's not start an holy war on that, please. My promise of opening up ABSE remains and I will publish a specification document in the coming months.

As I always promised, AtomWeaver is also freeware, meaning that you can use it for personal and commercial purposes for free, forever. The complete ABSE implementation is supported in this freeware mode. If you want to access all features of the IDE, you can just activate them by purchasing a license. As you have guessed by now, AtomWeaver is "freemium": free + premium features.

We are also running the Early Adopter Campaign until the end of the year, allowing you to get a better deal if you want to support ABSE and AtomWeaver right from the beginning: 33% off the regular price and two-year free upgrades. In addition, early adopters may drive the next IDE features since their enhancement requests will have 3x more weight everytime we elaborate the next versions roadmap.

My goal with ABSE since from the beginning is to make model-driven development accessible and affordable. I hope to fulfill that dream of mine. Still, ABSE is lacking on the documentation front, so... l'll just get back to work!

Thanks everyone.

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Congrats, Rui!

Maybe it was intentional, but missed a link to the site, so here it goes:

My suggestion is to focus on the simplest examples and tutorials that lead to building useful things. The screencast was a good step, some step-by-step guides in written form would be very important too (but you said you are working on that).


Thanks Rafael.

My next challenge is to make developers understand ABSE and show that unlike other MDSD approaches, which are very formal, ABSE is so close to their way of doing things.

The first (and only so far) screencast is actually pretty useless and the AtomWeaver site itself is almost empty, so there's a lot of work on that front.

I've already built a list of interesting topics that I want to develop into articles and tutorials. I am starting on that now.




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