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I generate fully functional web applications (PHP/MySQL), anyone interested?

In the registration process I declared that I'm not a spammer, so if you decide this post is spam, then please remove it. I don't quite understand yet whether such posts are welcome here.

Anyway, over the years of my programmer activity I helped myself by creating a tool that generates predictable and repeatable parts of code automatically based on the data scheme.

Generared components are rich CRUD portlets with a lot of functionality out-of-the-box, like filtering, column sorting, record edition and versioning, PDF reporting, data import and export etc., and are easily extendable.

If anyone would like to try the result of my tool please send me a sample data scheme and maybe some data to fill the tables.

Greetings from Cracow!


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Hi Gregor,

I'm just a member here, too, but to all my knowledge posts like yours are very welcome. Since most people are very busy with there own work, it might be helpful to describe your solution a bit, or, if available, give some links or so.


Hello Andreas, thanks for your feedback.

Here is what my tool does in a nutshell:

So, basically ERD to WebApp generation. With some elements of business process but limited to state diagram definition and then forcing that a entity's states follow correct state paths.

So, I don't know about other solutions, but mine generates not only model classes but the forms and tables as well. And it is not an academic project, I wrote it because I was fed up writing the "Invoice" class for the nth time in my professional activity. And I applied this solution to many commercial projects.

If you have further questions I will be happy to provide you with an information. But I think the best would be just to send me some data scheme and I will show you your generated application.

Gruesse aus Krakau,





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