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How do you keep yourself up-to-date in the dynamic field of MDD / MDA?

MDD / MDA is without a doubt a fast-pacing and very dynamic ecosystem, however not really an omnipresent topic in the usual "mainstream" software-related media.

So what are your preferred sources of information for newest developments, events and ideas in the MDD / MDA field? What books, blogs, tweets or mailing lists would you recommend to read or follow?

What else?



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I'd like to do a shameless publicity of my portal. A vendor-neutral (which is something few people can claim) site where I try to publish all kinds of news on modeling and MDE technologies.

I use this opportunity to remember that the blog is open to guest posts from any of you! Just contact me with your idea of guest post (including tool presentations for instance) if you're interested. 

I do not have a systematic method, but I did create a Twitter list of MDD practitioners, and a list of blogs (including Jordi's) which I regularly check. Then, everything else I do is non-systematic and happens as I surf on the web: findind news articles, papers, research student's work, or just simply following links between these sites.

Oh, and I do check this site (The Model Driven Software Network) almost everyday!


You can find an quite furnished list of people tweeting about MDE here (~150 persons):!/xavier_seignard/modeldriven

And here is a unifed list of bloggers speaking about MDE (~50 blogs) :



Yes, I'm subscribed to that feed too!

Xavier & Jordi,

thanks, I've seen the web site, but did not know about the feeds. That's great!




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