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Do you want to create a web application but you don't know how to write code? Or you do know but you are afraid that the code will get too complex very quickly? Now it is possible to create web applications visually only by drag-n-drop.

The OutSystems Agile Platform is a platform to create and manage web applications. It has been used by companies all over the world to create from simple applications to complex information systems and websites with thousands of daily visitors.

With the OutSystems Agile Platform applications are created visually

The secret to simplify what was usually very complex is that no code is needed to create applications: they can be created visually just by drag-n-drop. This makes it not only faster to create new applications, but also a lot easier to understand and modify existing ones. Other advantages are that all applications are deployed as open source .Net or Java code, they are managed centrally and can be published and rolled back with a single click with no data loss.

Check out this demo on how to create a web application in 4 minutes:

Recently OutSystems has also released a free version, the Agile Platform Community Edition, that lets anyone with a good idea to get down to business and implement it. 

Do you want to create a web application? Download the free version here and start doing it today.

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