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OutSystems recently announced the availability of the free Agile Platform Community Edition which provides developers an easy way to model and deploy web business applications and explore Agile techniques without any vendor lock-in.

Know more about the Agile Platform at

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ive seen the videos and its very impressive, im gonna try althoug its not open source, and i prefer open source software..
thanks for the comments. the agile platform generated applications are made of open, optimized and documented source code.
ive tried it and its very good, but there several reasons i cant use it:

first i had many problems when creating first project, i had to download a sample to get working.

second, i cant manage all the code, i need source code of my application, i mean i want control over the final solution (i only get a compiled solution, not source code for my application), this program its very good but i prefer generators that create a base and from this base construct my application (like my generator Jule).
Hi, maybe the following links can help:
- To see the agile platform in action:
- To learn how to use it you can follow the tutorials:
- You can check how to get the source code here:
yes, ive seen , but it says "Be aware that if you change the generated source code you loose the ability to use Service Studio..." and i need to change many things.

i like the software, but i need more flexibility...
Thanks. Have you seen that you can add your own code?
thanks Tiago, ive seen it and it is like the rest of the product "a winner", but its not what i need. sorry,




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