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FormalCapture - An IDE and metodology to create Domain-specific languages


I would like to announce to this community FormalCapture 1.0.17484, an IDE and a methodology designed to develop custom languages and code generators.

The process is simple:

  • define your textual and/or graphical syntax (diagrams);
  • define the code generation rules using the exclusive phase-based methodology;
  • write using your new language assisted by the FormalCapture IDE;


The graphic grammar editor permits fast and error-free development of input grammars.

At the same time, it provides with an immediate overview of the underlying data structures that will be associated to it.

FormalCapture supports also graphic languages. They have a formal syntax and semantics as text languages do. Text and graphic languages can be mixed.

Once defined your new language, FormalCapture automatically assists you in using it.

Error reporting, including semantic errors, is mostly automatic. FormalCapture automatically maintains links to the user source file, so the error location just one click away.

The IDE includes online help, type and object browser plus a complete step debugger.

And finally... generate any code in any language!

In the examples area you can download simple and complex projects developed with FormalCapture including:

  • a BASIC compiler including its virtual CPU
  • A literal equation calculator
  • A Java code generator to associate classes to persistent configuration files
  • a graphic genealogy and age calculator
  • and more...
FormalCapture is 100% free for non commercial use.

You can download the class-3 signed installer at the Dafocus download area.


Best regards


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