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DSL Engineering books to give away (to academics / students)

After this year's Code Generation conference we have several copies of Markus Voelter's new book 'DSL Engineering' to give away.

We'd like to get these into the hands of academics and students and are happy to cover postage costs.

If you qualify, then please just add a comment to this discussion describing your research and we'll get in touch.

We'll close the offer on 30th April or if we run out of books, so don't delay.

P.S. If we already spoke to you at the conference about this there's no need to comment - your books will arrive shortly.

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Hi Mark,

I would be interested in getting a copy of this book, as some of my colleagues and I use MDE for our research.

If it helps, my PhD is on extending a model-driven SOA methodology with testing aspects, and my colleagues work on complex event processing and model-based testing. I also contribute to the open source Epsilon project, which implements a family of model management languages [1].

Best regards,



Hello Mark,

I'm just starting my PhD in pharmacometrics at Uppsala university and will have a lot to do with the DDMoRe project, a project that aims to create a new unified language for modelling and simulation of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. It seems this would be a great read before getting into that!

Best regards


Hi Mark,

I would also be interested in getting a copy. I'm a research assistant in the Database Systems Group at the University of Bremen. We use MDE in a German e-government project, which is concerned with
the standardization of electronic inter-authority data exchange.

Best regards,


Hi Marks,

I am going to teach a course to the students in this summer related to DSL. I would highly appreciate if u provide us a copy of this books.

Best regards,

Dr. Jalbani

So sad I lost this offer.

Seems grate book.

Thanks any way

Message me your address and we'll send a copy.


Hi Mark,

I'm currently tasked with writing a DSL myself. This is part of my masters thesis at the Technische Universität München, the title is "Design and development of a language for generating CRUD-Code and graphical user interfaces based on EMF domain models".

So I would definitely be highly interested in a copy of that book!



Can you send you postal address to



Will do! And thanks! :-)




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