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inspired by and in analogy to the Business Model Canvas (1) and the various other canvases around (2) we created a socalled

Business Solution Canvas

It is intented to design (guess what) business solutions (software, process, organisation etc.) together with all involved stakeholders with post-its standing around a DIN A0-Poster in a fun & trendy & productive manner.

It might serve very well as a communication aid between business people and model driven man & machines. It's creative commens licensed, so feel free to do whatever with it (according to the CC license).

Of course, we encourage everybody to contribute back to the idea and spread the word. There's a wiki behind the link above and I appreciate feedback and involvement of any kind. Please note specifically the link at the bottom of the wiki page, there are some photos behind showing examples of the canvas.

Happy canvasing,



2) e.g.

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