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I am currently studying to become a Business Analyst with a subsidiary skill as a Data Analyst. I am an obsolete programmer who is slowly re-tooling into web development (Expression Web/Visual Studio Web Development Express). I am mostly interested in Xhtml, CSS, JavaScript, Sql and C#. I have Visio 2003 as well is MS Office 2002 with Access. My training program will include UML, Use Cases, MS Sql 2008 Express, Entity Relationship Diagrams and other stuff I am clueless about.

I have Eclipse Ganymede installed.

I am completely clueless about how to get started in Model Driven Software. Does anyone one have some primer level URLs, especially that provide context as well as step-by-step for Eclipse Ganymede?

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Because I can get lost could you post links for "Xtext project" and "OAW"?

Here is the website for OAW. you can download the OAW plug-ins here (but read next paragraph*)... read the manual and start with the Xtext project... dead simple...

* However, what I would do is use the Itemis distribution which has the Eclipse and OAW already bundled.

The current 'stable' one is 3.4.2....

Hope that helps!

Go to my website at There is a link to the "the DACS" on the left side that contains a link pointing to "Software Tech News". The current issue is devoted to Model Driven Development. I have an article in the current Jan issue of Software Tech News. I also have a book explaining the thought process from beginning to end for Model Driven Development without using any tool.

I am also a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for a website dedicated to software development tools. My experience is that most tools are overly complex. Good luck.

Gordon Morrison
Hi Tom,

You might also discover this website . You will find free MDSD tutorials, demos and trials. This vendor is offering agile model driven application generators built on Eclipse Ganymede and powered by Blu Age.
Thank you for the URL's Harold.

Tom Miller
Hi Tom, ive done a code generator "myWay", and the part of mda its still not done, but i think that it can help you because it has the next features:

reverse engineering a database and creates a model
generates snippets
generates complete applications ( c# for example, with css, AA, httpmodule for errors, etc), i think you can learn something for my architecture...
an editor for the model
templates with nvelocity
works with mysql, sql server, access, etc....

screencast in

tutorial in

binary in




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