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Finally, after almost seven months of work, I'm very happy to announce that we finally managed to release version 1.3 of AtomWeaver.

This landmark version brings many corrections and lot of new features to the IDE:

- Projects are now better organized in multiple folders;
- A new wizard that helps you configure your Atom Templates;
- Better error handling;
- Better tree manipulation including moving Atoms around (but respecting construction constraints);
- Sub-folder support on the code generator;
- Copy and paste Atoms;
- Find Atoms by multiple criteria and build a list with the results;
- Much better documentation;
- Better overall stability.

These are the most important, but there are others.


Included in the installation package is a new tutorial and a new sample project. For those new to ABSE and AtomWeaver, it's a great way to start: the new training material is more focused on the "real world".


In parallel, ABSE has been revised to 1.1 and its most notable change is the embedded variable symbol that changes from “$” to “@”. We have studied all of the most used programming languages and found that the “@” symbol is the least used one. Switching to this symbol will help reduce the use of escape sequences that would be troublesome in some languages, specially PHP.

Also, a new command has been added to ABSE: oparent() lets you directly access the original parent of a relocated Atom Instance.


You can download the new version in the usual place. It's free to use, even for commercial projects.


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Congratulations Rui, that's a major achievement.

Thanks, Mark!

...and two very important features (of AtomWeaver 2.0 alpha) will be shown first-hand on the LWC!




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